Blogging delays due to camera troubles

I started this blog earlier in the week and I was all excited to post topics about the great stuff going on in San Diego. Unfortunately, camera problems have caused this effort to be delayed. I accidentally dropped my camera and the LCD screen broke. It still takes pictures, but I have no idea what the pictures look like until I get back home and load them up on my laptop. By then its too late to take a better picture if I need to (how did I survive when cameras only used film???). Today I was going to go by the US Midway aircraft carrier and blog about it (I just live down the street), but I'll wait till I get a new camera.

If you knew me, then you would know that I'm a geek who obesseses about every electronic purchase I make to insure I'm totally satisfied with it. I often return things to the store two or three times until I'm happy. Here is the camera the I think I'm going to buy. A Canon Powershot SD700.

Canon Powershot SD700

After examining dozens of cameras, this looks like the best compact camera on the market. It's also the priciest, but you get what you pay for. The biggest selling point for me is that it has optical image stabilization. This makes a huge difference in two areas: having friends take pictures of me, and night shots. I hate when someone says, give me your camera and I'll take your picture. Most of the time the pic comes back blurry or shaky. Digital cameras are very sensitive and have many differences between them. If you aren't familiar with the camera then it's easy to move it too much or not know how long to wait before the shutter is released. Anyway, having image stabilization will eliminate most of these problems. It's also great for zooming and night shots that need stability while the lens absorbs more light. Note: The other camera I was on the verge of getting, Casio Exilim 1000, has digital image stabilization. Many cameras I looked at have this and it really just creates problems rather than solving them. The circuitry tries to figure out how to make the image stable using algorithms rather than using optics. Of course, algorithms just don't compare to pure optics and the results are less than glamorous.

One thing I plan on doing is taking videos around San Diego and posting my videos on and adding the links here. This would be very cool. The only problem with this camera is that many people on Amazon complain that the image stabilization feature uses little electronic motors that make a lot of noise. Not only is this distracting, but when you are making movies the microphone picks up this noise and ruins the soundtrack. What a pain! I really hope that this isn't as bad as everyone says it is, or that maybe I can turn IS off while making a movie so that the motors aren't active. I'm crossing my fingers that this isn't an issue b/c this seems to be the best compact camera on the market right now.

Oh yeah – here is a great site that does a lot of digital camera reviews:


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