Nine-Ten restaurant in La Jolla San Diego

It seems apropos that Nine-Ten is tucked away on the corner of the Grande Colonial Hotel with no view of the Ocean, though it is within earshot of it. For here, you come for the Epicurean experience. Not sunset, not décor (simple but elegant), not beautifully appointed people (though there are no lack of them here), and certainly not to pick-up a date.

All of these things might distract you from the really good and imaginatively cooked food. The "Espresso and Chocolate Braised Boneless Short Rib" is one such example. It's tender, subtle, intriguing and – most importantly – delicious. The wine list has received commendations from no less an authority than the Wine Spectator. The three-course lunch special for $24 is a steal, especially if pick for your entree scallops with risotto and chocolate molten cake for dessert. The two of alone adds up to $24. Incidentally, at least for dinners, don't expect to zip in and out of Nine-Ten. Though the cuisine is American, the kitchen psyche is very French. Expect long lapses between courses.

910 Prospect Street
La Jolla, CA 92037


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