Cavite – Phillippine terrorism movie

cavite terrorism plot in phillipines

On Saturday I went to see the new release of the movie, Cavite, in Hillcrest. Even though the film has a very limited released at the Landmark theaters, it got some good write-ups and the plot sounded interesting. To my surprise, both of the directors were there to promote the movie.

Ian Gamazon and Neill Dela Llana both went to school in San Diego and were on hand to answer questions about the movie. I'm not going to go into all the details, but I found it interesting that these two guys created this film stricly by saving up their money from their day jobs. After filming the movie, they had to sell their equipment to pay for editting it. In all, the project cost them $7,000.

I really enjoyed the movie. It was quite suspenseful the majority of the time. It started out pretty slow with the lead character Adam (played by Ian?) in the airport talking to his girlfriend about her being pregnant. This dragged on for quite a while and I was starting to wonder when something would happen. Luckily, things picked up when Adam's mom wasn't at the airport and he gets a phone call from a terrorist saying that he had to do what he was told if he wanted to see his mom and sister again. From that point forward Adam is directed to travel all over the city of Cavite in the Phillipines carry out the order of the terrorist (who seems to know Adam's every move). The movie also addresses the moral delimma of deciding just how important your family really is.

My favorite parts of the movie were seeing the dark side of the Phillipines. Adam has to travel through some pretty seedy parts of the country and it shows us a bleak picture of that part of the country and the conditions that the people are living in.

I really enjoyed seeing the cultural parts of the country. While being driven around in a jeepney, Adam is instructed to go to a market and buy a balut egg and eat it. This is an egg with a chick actually in it and the juice from the egg looks pretty disgusting. They also showed scenes from a cock fight (not very pretty) where the rooster dies (don't tell the animal rights people about this movie). The terrorist also spoke in tagalog the entire time while Adam would respond in English. This gave authenticity to the movie.

Considering that this is not a mainstream movie, you may not get a chance to ever see it. But I definitely enjoyed it and was glad that I got a chance to meet Ian and Neill.


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